// Internet versus Real Life //

I straight up am 100000% quieter on the Internet than I am in real life. But just for once maybe I will use words.

While I see people posting disagreeable comments on videos of things that they dislike, I just scroll past it.

Or Tumblr arguments over OTPs. Shockingly, I just scroll past it.

Or Facebook fights. Plz plz, no. Just don’t do it.

Over time, I have grown to become an Internet pacifist. Mainly because I don’t want to entertain the whims of people who feel as though they are armed with anonymity that comes with their choice of weapon: the computer.

Fighting with people—who seek shelter from the ostensibly impregnable shield that is their computer monitor and the arsenal of acerbic words that pour from fingertips attached to a vessel of cynism and negativity—just isn’t worth it.

Pick your battles, people! There are so many other things people could collectively expend their energy on.

If scrolling past an obnoxious post or comment is a viable option, just do it.

It’s one thing to stand up for something you believe in when you are looking a person in the eyes but what’s the point of entertaining a troublemaker who probably wouldn’t be courageous enough to engage a person in real life?

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If only people could understand how much this applies to me

If only people could understand how much this applies to me

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This is me when I am comfortable in a particular spot on the couch.

I dare you to make me move. (though I am physically extremely weak. Sadly)

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Yuuki: “I can’t sleep well if I’m not next you.”

Yuuta: “Twins are a pain”

Kaname: “For us, you mean…”

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Me in all sports involving balls.
Every. Time.

Me in all sports involving balls.

Every. Time.

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